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Online pharmacy operates under license of the Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development. In accordance with the license we have the right to conduct retail trade in medicinal products and other goods subject to sale by drugstores. All our suppliers are members of the Association for the fight against counterfeit medicines.

Quality Certification

Each pack of the drug accompanied by a certificate certifying that its quality checked by an independent laboratory authorized by the state. The system of certification of drugs is mandatory for pharmacies and serves to protect the interests of consumers who use drugs. Certification of medicinal products is carried out by accredited bodies (centers) for certification on the basis of protocol analysis, issued by testing laboratories.

Our Goal

Our goal - to make treatment easier and more accessible. You no longer need to run around the city in search of essential drugs - just visit our site and you can find everything you need for quick treatment at affordable prices.
Customer needs - a landmark of our pharmacies. Our specialists collect daily information updates to the pharmaceutical market, to promptly update the huge range of medicines.

Price Formation

Our online pharmacy always strive to reduce their costs for the purchase of drugs, drug prices to remain accessible to each client. With convenient directory, you can quickly see the range and pricing of our products.

Search of medicines in a pharmacy in alphabetical order

The advantages of this service are undeniable. You are just seconds get access to a lot of different drugs that are conveniently arranged and buy drugs is not difficult. Another important advantage of the use of online pharmacy is that you can quickly find even the rarest medicine. Online pharmacy is the best assistant in the search for rare drugs. Just type the first few letters into the search box, and the system will show you all related products.