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Attention! The information contained on the website, is not a basis for self-medication.

Before using the drug should consult a doctor.

Online Professional Consulting physician may be required in different situations:

  • You do not have the ability or time to make an appointment to see a doctor and ask him a question;
  • You forgot to specify the dosage of the drug, and to go to the pharmacy to clarify all your pharmacist - just a lack of time;
  • You are concerned about contraindications to the drug. Of course, there are instructions, but still want to hear the opinion of the expert;
  • Another situation: doctor prescribed a medicine, and it was not cheap. You need high-quality analogue;
  • Perhaps your problem is too delicate, or seems insignificant for a personal visit to the doctor.

Each pharmacy solid refers to the services of professional consultants. On our site are consulted several specialists: pharmacist, physician and pediatrician, urologist, a practicing psychologist, consultant physician at the medical cosmetics. If you can not decide who is to address the issue, then specify it in a general way, it is desirable with the theme. We will send your question to the expert, and you will soon receive a detailed and clear answer.

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We remind you that the part-time online-consultation does not eliminate the need for a campaign to the doctor!

If you need information, but you could not find the required consultant, ask a question here.


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