With tablets cured everything and really severe ailments and minor ailments such as mild headache or a stomach churning as a result of abundant dinner. What makes us unnecessarily to go to the drugstore and buy another elegant box of pills? First of all, gullibility and laziness. Why gullibility? Yes, because we believe in their credulity that the creators of the tablets in the first place take care of our health, and only secondarily - on your pocket. In fact, quite the opposite, and even worse: often businessmen from pharmaceuticals to you about our health do not think for them the main thing that we as often as possible to buy their medication, everything else is not so important. Pharmaceutical production - a business like any other.

    In the United States, the cause of death from the side effects that give medicines, came in fourth place, behind only heart disease, cancer and stroke. Statistics show that each year drug killed 125 thousand Americans! However, these figures are somehow afraid only of doctors and experts in the field of pharmaceuticals, ordinary citizens continue to actively replenish your kit. Sales of medicines annually grow, not only in the US but worldwide.


In recent times there are discussions about what medications can cause or exacerbate symptoms of almost any disease. This phenomenon is called multidrug disease.

Approximately half of the cases the negative effects of drugs emerged due to receive unnecessarily high doses, that is an error of doctors. In addition, some patients are not merely inform their physicians of the presence of allergic reactions to certain drugs.

Doctors prescribe drugs too quickly. Frequent in medical practice are cases when the disease occurs as a reaction to the reception of any medicine. In this case, the appointment of another drug to rectify the disease can lead to negative consequences.

What is the reason?

Cause of the disease is the problem of drug that in the modern world as medicaments use powerful chemical substances. Their high biological activity sometimes makes it impossible to determine the boundary between the most effective and toxic doses, sometimes the difference between them is too small.

The risk of improper drug administration

Everyone, without exception, even though the drug has some side effects, and there are contraindications to it. Cause of the disease the dosage lies in the fact that many drugs are often incompatible with each other. The chemicals that make up drugs, getting into the body and mixing, begin to interact with each other, leading to unpredictable consequences. Various drugs alter the interaction effect of other drugs.