MODERN PHARMACY. What should it be?

  • How is the information space of the pharmacy network?

  • What are the mechanisms to ensure effective operation of the pharmacy?

  • What should be the pharmacy staff?

  • How to win the trust of customers?

Our network structure involves a high degree of centralization is the objective of our strategy. The purpose of the introduction of a unified information system - introduction of coordinating the actions of all structures. How it all works to this day? There were separate warehouses, pharmacies separately, some distributors, and all this in a chaotic manner. Today, this situation does not satisfy us. We must all work to build a single office, then we can solve the problems of the network efficiently. The union - a unity of command, the creation of human resources, administrative verticals, unified price and assortment policy, questions of conducting advertising. Today, the main link - a central office, which will go through the entire flow of information, where information is not only stored but also processed in order to make quick decisions.

Modern Pharmacy - a collective member of the struggle for the buyer. And win the one who can better teach the buyer to offer better variety of services and will be able to gain the respect of the consumer.

Extended range of drugs.

Now the pharmacy can total more than 10,000 items in the product line. It is necessary to carry out the correct display of goods, use visual navigation to avoid congestion windows.

The pharmacy must provide an individual approach to the formation of prices. Very important is the work of reference and information services, because modern pharmacy - is the latest technology. If necessary, we provide information on the preparation and, most importantly, consumers can inform you when the time will be a supply of the drug.

Online pharmacy can not do without the discount program for customers and stock. Discount programs that we use in the pharmacy, varied. It may be cumulative, one-time, permanent, promotional cards, as well as adherence to the acts of discounts other organizations.

New products to promote

  • Market increases its turnover, so the ads in our pharmacy operate effectively and increase sales.

  • The advertisement is very important title, it should be memorable.

  • The open form of sales - a range of advanced, easy access to the product, saving time when purchasing, the option to choose their own goods.

  • Focus group for prescription drugs, the presence of a range of more than 70% of the medicines.